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News release: Get the new White Paper: Biomarkers - ideas for innovation and capacity building


The White Paper: Biomarkers is a result of a collaboration between Biopeople, Bioneer, Brandbase and InfinIT in relation to the project "Biomarkers as an emerging growth area in Denmark".

Today, 4 December 2018, Biopeople is hosting the project's Dissemination Seminar. Every participant in the seminar will have their own copy of the print white paper. You can also download it from this page, below.

The project group behind the White Paper comprised:

Charlotte Bredahl Jacobsen, Brandbase & Biopeople
Dorthe Brogård Kristensen, Brandbase & University of Southern Denmark
Jan Madsen, InfinIT & Technical University of Denmark
Jane Nøhr, Biopeople (Lead partner)
Kasper Bay Noer, InfinIT & Alexandra Institute
Kim Holmstrøm, Bioneer
Peter Olesen, Actifoods


DownloadPressemeddelelse Biomarkers Seminar - dansk


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