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Jan Stenvang.
Jan Stenvang.

News release: Scandion Oncology hits stock market and receives impact voucher


Biopeople plays a role for successful biotech company Scandion Oncology.

November has been a month of success for Danish biotech company Scandion Oncology. 8 November saw the first day of trading in Scandion Oncology A/S shares on the Swedish Spotlight Stock Market and interest from investors was high.

Participated in Biagora 2017

Biopeople’s matchmaking activities have played a role in the company’s success: For instance, last year the company participated in the Bioagora 2017 and had a productive day:

”My participation at the Bioagora 2017 was inspiring and rewarding. I had the opportunity to talk about our research with both academia, biotech and start-up companies. The keynotes were fantastic. Furthermore, I met pretty many people from my network and established new contacts. A broad range of subjects were discussed - from science, patenting, ethics in research, financial issues for start-ups, EU-funding etc. All in all: A great day. I went home with many new contacts and thoughts," says Jan Stenvang, CSO.

This year, the company will be exhibiting at Tuesday's Bioagora again.

Impact Voucher

In November Biopeople could also relay the happy news of the grant of an Impact Voucher of 14.999 euro from the Boost4Health Interreg project, in which Biopeople is a partner.

The Impact Voucher supports SCO-101 development in relation to anti-estrogen resistance in breast cancer. The selection committee of Boost4Health based their decision on the benefit of providing access to European partners and markets and to the advancement of product validation for Scandion Oncology A/S.

CSO Jan Stenvang says in a press release: “We are very proud to receive this funding and acknowledgement from the EU Boost4Health Interreg project. The grant will allow us to speed up collaborations with some of the leading scientists in Europe and thereby further expand the development of SCO-101 as a drug that reverses resistance to anti-cancer compounds”.

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Scandion Oncology -

Scandion Oncology A/S is a biotechnology company founded in 2017 for the purpose of addressing and tackling one of the greatest challenges in modern oncology – the effective treatment of cancer which contains drug resistant cell clones or which has developed resistance to a previously prescribed anticancer drug. In preclinical animal studies, the company’s leading candidate drug, SCO-101, has been found to significantly enhance the efficacy of certain standard cancer treatments when given in combination. Even more importantly, SCO-101 has in in vitro studies shown to restore chemotherapy and antiestrogen sensitivity in resistant cancer cells).

Boost4Health -

Boost4Health provides practical and financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who wish to explore their international growth potential. For instance, to expand their international network, find expertise abroad through e.g. collaboration with service providers, or to validate products in another market. The aim of Boost4Health is to accelerate the growth of SMEs, create awareness of the market opportunities within North-West Europe and as a long-term effect to create more jobs in the life sciences sector. Boost4Health is part of the North-West Europe Interreg programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund with a budget of 4.4 mEUR.

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