Permides: Personalized Medicine Innovation Through Digital Enterprize Solutions

Permides: Personalized Medicine Innovation Through Digital Enterprize Solutions


A Horizon 2020 Project: Get funding for innovation partnerships to digitalize biopharmaceutical R&D

Advancing precision medicine in the digital age requires solutions developed in the IT and software sector, e.g. big data, machine learning, IT security, data protection, and cross-enterprise collaboration.

The PERMIDES project aims at bringing together SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) from the biopharmaceutical and IT sector to advance precision medicine through the development of novel digital solutions along the biopharma value chain.

Biopharma SMEs participating in the innovation projects can increase competitiveness and benefi t from an innovation voucher scheme that will provide up to EUR 60,000 per SME.

Information on SME benefits, important dates, project funding, partners and contact details can be found on the project website:

Biopharma SMEs benefit from this call for obtaining vouchers up to a maximum of € 60,000. IT SMEs can collaborate with various biopharma SMEs in multiple projects and are not subject to the € 60,000 limit. Please note that biopharma SMEs are the beneficiari-es of the innovation projects, and the costs involved in providing the services by IT SMEs will be funded and paid to IT SMEs by PERMIDES.Scope Proposals should address innovation barriers and challenges of the biopharmaceutical value chain in the area of personalized medicine by means of digitalization solutions.

Target group
The PERMIDES voucher funding scheme is aimed at SMEs from the biopharmaceutical sector developing novel personalized medicine products and solutions (e.g. biotech/medtech companies, diagnostics companies, CROs, biobank companies, bioinformatics companies).

Only biopharma SMEs, together with IT SMEs, according to the EU definition and established in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries can submit the proposals for funding provided by PERMIDES. To be eligible for funding, project teams need to consist of one biopharma SME as the main applicant/beneficiary and at least one IT SME as the service provider.

Potential project team partners can be found via the PERMIDES platform offering the need-vs-expertise- based matchmaking of companies from the bio-pharmaceutical and IT sector.

Evaluation criteria
Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of PERMIDES consortium members and external experts based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation Level
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Resource Capacities
  • Partner Competence
  • Fitness to Industry Needs

Maximum duration of the innovation projects: 6 months

All funded projects finalized by: June 15th, 2018

Web address for proposal submissions:



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