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CEO Louise Tingholm
CEO Louise Tingholm

Profile of the month: BIOMCARE provides platform for robust detection of microbial predictive biomarkers


BIOMCARE, founded by a team of passionate professionals with a background in life sciences, IT, marketing and finance and located in Aarhus, provides services that include microbiome sequencing services (16S, ITS and shotgun metagenomic sequencing), custom bio statistical analysis, microbiome profiling and biomarker discovery.

“Recently we expanded our microbiome sequencing and analysis services to include a platform for robust detection of microbial predictive biomarkers,” says CEO Louise Bruun Thingholm. ”The 1.5 kg of microorganisms that constitute the human gut microbiome is a reservoir of predictive biomarkers. So far, this reservoir is largely inaccessible for pharmaceutical and clinical development, despite the increasing understanding of microbe’s effect on drug metabolism.”

Varying drug response between patients is a dangerous and expensive challenge in the clinic due to significant treatment delays and adverse effects. Personalised medicine holds the promise to tackle these issues and predictive biomarkers are key to do so. BIOMCARE contributes to this progress and the company has developed a prototype for A-Z microbial biomarker discovery. This platform builds on the company’s established microbiome sequencing and analysis service, which supports an easy workflow from sample collection to the final statistical analysis.

Currently BIOMCARE participates in the large NORDIC-SUN clinical trial by utilising the already established infrastructure and aiming to validate the robustness of the company’s ensemble based statistical solution.

BIOMCARE actively supports and engages in research initiatives that brings the value of the microbiome closer to the clinic. The company actively looks for collaborations to make its microbiome expertise available for research initiatives.

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