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Hans-Christoph Paul
Hans-Christoph Paul, HCP LIfe Science Innovation

Profile of the month: HCP Life Science Innovation delivers highly efficient storage for automated bio banking


New Biopeople member HCP Life Science Innovation is located in Brande, Jutland. The company develops, manufactures, builds and services automated cryo storages for automated bio banking

Hans-Christoph Paul, (photo) CEO of HCP Life Science Innovation has developed high-end solutions and has several patents within the area of cryo storage. He explains:20 years of experience in cryo technology gives us a strong basis for reliable design. We developed and built the first automated storage in 2013 and have since then been in continuous operation.”

Customised system
“Cryonoster is our automated and highly energy efficient Cryo Bio Storage System. It is customised, based on modular design and high flexibility and the temperature system is the most stable on the market,” says Hans-Christoph Paul. The design principle of Cryonoster as well as an active air circulation system ensures temperature difference at any place in the system less than +/-1°C. “We are currently working on a Generation C of the system where storing and handling will be done at -150°C.”

Automatic picking - no human errors
Hans-Christoph Paul highlights the advantages of automated storages compared to other sample storages:”It has the highest possible safety due to redundancy of key components as well as thebest possible safety for staff. They have no contact to the low temperature area or nitrogen. In addition, the system provides thehighest possible picking safety – there are no errors due to automatic picking – and you do not have to be an expert to handle the system. The system also has the highest possible sample quality due to equal storage temperature and handling in the ultra-cold area and not out of storage. Finally the system has double insulation as well as vacuum insulation as part of high energy efficiency.”

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