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Profile of the month: Pipe | bio - providing a cloud based analysis platform to speed up drug development


Pipe | bio recently received an Innofounder Experienced grant from the Innovation foundation (Innovationsfonden). A grant that will support the development of the company´s cloud bioinformatics platform.

Founded in 2020 by Jannick Bendtsen and Owen Bodley (photo) Pipe | bio is a pure bioinformatics company with a strong scientific focus on antibodies and other peptide scaffolds. The company’s commercial focus is primarily the pharmaceutical industry combined with a strong scientific interest that leads to collaboration with academia.

“We are extremely honoured to receive the Innofounder Experienced grant, which will help us to proceed to deliver valuable solutions and products to our customers,” says Jannick Bendtsen. “We try to make a difference for our customers with respect to daily work habits leading to increased revenue and cost savings and our success is determined by having achieved a measurable impact for our customers. This requires a high level of commitment and domain knowledge for our entire team. The task of our customers is to prevent unnecessary deaths and to increase public health around the world. These companies attempt to solve some of the most intractable problems in biology and we are proud to support them. Examples are companies that aim to cure cancers, Parkinson’s disease and other chronic diseases and COVID-19. Our desire is to contribute to cure these diseases.”

A cloud based platform
Pipe | bio’s customers may use the company’s cloud-based platform to analyse millions of DNA and amino acid sequences from NGS experiments. This is otherwise a very challenging task to many biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Jannick Bendtsen explains:”It is possible to analyse the antibody sequences expressed in the B-cells of Covid-19 patients. By comparison, of the antibody repertoire in various patient cohorts, researchers may more easily identify and characterise potentially useful antibodies for treatment of Covid-19. This is similar to how pharma companies or CRO’s express antibodies towards various targets such as cancer or infectious diseases.”

In addition to analyse raw sequence data, Pipe | bio may also associate functional data with relevant sequences, which enables an easy selection of good therapeutic antibodies. This will be an ultimate resource for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the future.

A single package
The main advantage of Pipe | bio’s cloud based platform is that it provides the customer with everything needed in a single package, where all activities may be tracked. This will reduce errors to a minimum and speed up analyses. “On top of this,” Jannick Bendtsen says, ”we have realised that academic advances that might have an impact, do not reach the industry. This is why we work to apply recent advances in AI and ML enabling customers to mine their own data to ultimately developing better drugs, faster.”

Tailor made
Pipe | bio also work as consultants. Their customers often look for high levels of interactions and frequently need a tailored platform to get an optimised workflow. “We get a real kick out of seeing these tools speed up the scientists work and it’s something we love to do,” Jannick Bendtsen says.

Increase performance with minimised side effects
Pipe | bio’s dream is to make a software platform which both may reduce the development costs of biological drugs and at the same time produce more efficacious and targeted drugs. The goal being to increase the performance of the drug minimising potential side effects.

“Biologics have become the preferable drug over small chemical molecules,” Jannick Bendtsen says, “our hope that by using our platform, companies will accelerate their biologics research and deliver even better drugs to the market – faster. “


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