Promising binational collaborations in bio banking


Sharing of best practices between Israel and Denmark in bio banking and in the development of personalised medicine

Promising binational collaborations in bio banking
From left to right: Per Spindler (Biopeople), Estrid Hoegdall (Herlev Hospital), Yehudit Cohen (MIDGAM), Jane Noehr (Biopeople), Astrid Munk Pedersen (Herlev Hospital), Simon Herner Kofoed (Herlev Hospital). ((Photo Biopeople)

Biopeople led a Danish delegation to Israel earlier this year in collaboration with the Danish Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv. Contacts established during this visit now paves the way for more formal collaborations and sharing of best practices in bio banking and in the development of personalised medicine. Following the meeting in Tel Aviv, Yehudit Cohen, Scientific Director of the Israel National Biobank (MIDGAM), visited the Danish joint regional infrastructure of biobanks at Herlev Hospital, the Bio & Genome Bank Denmark, in September 2017.

International collaboration
Biobanks and biomarker research and development play a pivotal role in advancing innovation in personalised medicine, and thus, the visit from Israel promoted the sharing of best practices for establishment, maintenance and usability of the high quality bio and data banks of Israel and Denmark. Among topics discussed was the testing of novel technologies and related research topics.

“The discussion with the Israeli biobanks further our vision to support research in close collaboration with clinical databases and clinical cancer research units internationally. We believe that it also facilitates knowledge sharing and faster implementation in everyday clinical practice”, said the leader of the Danish delegation, Professor Estrid Hoegdall, Director of Bio and Genome Bank Denmark and Head of Molecular Unit, Department of Pathology Herlev Hospital, University of Copenhagen. “In particular, this binational collaboration could add value to the work with diagnostic product candidates in Israel and Denmark, respectively,” she said.

Dr. Yehudit Cohen stated that the Israel National Biobank wants to support studies to improve treatment options for patients by identification of biomarkers and development of tools for diagnosis and early detection of disease: “We encourage collaborations between medical centres and researchers from academia and industry between Israel and Denmark”.

One point of entry
The Bio and Genome Bank Denmark, which collect, store and track biological material from Danish patients, suitable for present and future research projects, is one point of entry for biological material. The Bio and Genome Bank envisions becoming an attractive partner both nationally and internationally and the bio bank also a collaboration with the National Bio Bank at Staten's Serum Institute.

The Danish Regions see personalised medicines as a highly prioritised health care area, which has a particular political focus. The Bio and Genome Bank Denmark is an important part of the foundation for development of personalised medicine.

Customised to individuals
Personalised medicine is customised to individual patients through the individual information related to the individual patient.

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